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We had made great strides in gaining equality in San Francisco and it was all taken away from us on many levels after that heinous act. Anthony in Nashville KyleR: FInally, Black, once again, engaged in unprotected sex, so what? Yes people would have been cruel to Adam but maybe not as harsh? You can confirm a neg result pretty quickly, within a day of exposure though to confirm a poz takes 2 weeks. Forrest I am only a few years younger than DLB.

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Yes people would have been cruel to Adam but maybe not as harsh?

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Dustin Lance Black Nude Photos: Perez Hilton Crosses Line by Posting

Just another testament to his infantile behavior. I knew the man attended parties,heard him speak. Sex in the context of a committed, exclusive relationship should not be called bareback. So there is no conflict there whatsoever. AIDS is a myth. Don Laker Well, well, well, looks as if the great prodigy who likes to deliver self-righteous little speeches as award shows is actually just like the rest of us…and a typical gay boy. If they are in fact in a relationship, they as consenting adults are the only ones who must weigh the facts and make choices.

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