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They don't seem worried about being Exposed to the Elementsor that someone might stab them in the belly or shoot an arrow at their sternum: Male Gi, and some Mage armor is often chest-baring with weird showing-nipple-only aesthetics. In it, both of the male warriors were given viable armor that covered everything while the female was given a simple bikini. Averted with nearly every other class, as the female and males both wear practical armor. Digimon Adventure 02 provides an example intended more for stylization than titillation, but the armor worn by Flamedramon, his super mode Magnamon, and several other Digimon of his type barely qualifies as armor at all, leaving their torso, crotch, arms, and legs completely exposed. However, skimpy armor can potentially be justified if it was designed in-universe mainly for ceremony or entertainment, such as in Gladiator Games. Of course, Zelos also gets bikini swim trunks and can wear those into battle too so maybe they were aware of this the entire time.

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She worked at the Hooters of North Charleston for four and a half years, which has helped shape her into the woman she is today.

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The story behind the iconic Farrah Fawcett red swimsuit poster…

And if your opponent is Distracted by the Sexythat doesn't hurt either. Made even more laughable with Judith, who wears a full suit of androgynous armour when the party first meets her, but then changes into this for the rest of the game unless given a different outfit. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: On the other hand, her fellow male knights wear a costume with similar plate coverage. Justified as she's made up of green will energy and the "Bikini" parts hold both her programming and allow her to physically interact with objects.

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